Dr. Vincent Dalton, M.D. specializes in these specific areas of the body:

Hip – Dr. Dalton is performing the newest and most cutting edge surgeries with anterior hip replacement on the hana® table. He can also help patients with the standard posterior hip surgery but he has found that recovery time is cut in half with this new approach. Some patients are walking just five hours after surgery.

Knee – standard and minimally invasive replacement; partial replacement, including the Oxford mobile bearing knee; and ACL reconstruction.

Shoulder – arthroscopic, rotator cuff and reconstructive surgery; partial shoulder replacement; and resurfacing shoulder replacement

Sports Medicine and You

Dr. Dalton, M.D. brings an athletic focus and a wealth of experience to his practice in shoulder, hip and knee replacement and sports medicine. As a long-time soccer player and youth soccer coach, he has a keen understanding of athletic injuries and the host of injuries that come with advanced age. He treats patients of all ages, including children, college athletes and senior citizens.

Sports Medicine – preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries relating to sports and exercise, specifically the rotation or deformation of joints or muscles. Sports medicine often requires laser surgery instead of replacement. This works well for athletes that need to get back into the game.