Sports Medicine and You

From the professional athlete who tears a knee ligament during a game to the weekend recreationalist who wakes up with a sore shoulder, Dr. Vincent Dalton with OrthoVirginia provides the highest quality surgical and nonsurgical care for athletic injuries. Dr. Dalton will apply minimally invasive technology that applies to sports medicine as well as reconstructive (replacement) surgery for the hip, knee, and shoulder. The next time you are facing an injury, consider Dr. Dalton, at Ortho Virginia.

No matter what your injury, Dr. Dalton’s goal is to see you active, and see you active with a treatment plan that works.

Minimally invasive surgery, which also may be known as arthroscopic surgery, is one of the fastest growing areas in sports medicine. With special equipment outfitted with a small camera, Dr. Dalton is able to make a much smaller incision. Smaller incisions mean less time in the hospital, faster healing time, which equals a faster overall recovery. Most athletes can return to their sport of choice with minimal scarring.


Benefits of minimally invasive surgery

Generally, incisions are one half to one quarter inches long. This in comparison to the six to eight inches with open surgery. The camera maneuvered through a much smaller incision allows the Dr. Dalton to view the injury from the inside via a screen in the operating room.

Since the incision is smaller, the surgeon does not have to cut through healthy tissue and muscle. This means there is less need for postoperative pain medication, and earlier return to physical activities.